A Brief Reflection on Two GIS Projects

Last week, the Digital Public History class had a workshop on GIS at Western’s Map and Data Centre. Although it was many of my colleague’s first foray into ArcGIS and was likely an exciting time, I already had some experience with the software thanks to my summer employment with the Huron History Community Centre and... Continue Reading →

Becoming a “Space Archaeologist” in GlobalXplorer

When I was finishing up our readings on spatial history, something from Earley-Spadoni’s article caught my eye.  When the author discusses the use of geospatial technologies for digital storytelling, she briefly mentions a crowdsource platform named GlobalXplorer and asserts that the project is one of the many ways geospatial technologies can “communicate archaeological and historical... Continue Reading →

Video Games and Historical Thinking

Before delving into the readings for our class on Digital History Games, I assumed the discussion would center on the question of “historical authenticity." Indeed, most debates I have seen on the internet focus heavily on whether a game set in the past is historically accurate, with people from across the globe chiming in their... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with Transkribus

Over the last few days, I decided to look into Transkribus after our brief discussion of the software in class. The idea of training an artificial intelligence to learn a person’s handwriting sounds straight out of science fiction. In theory, it would drastically shorten the time historians spend combing through documents and allow us more... Continue Reading →

Introduction to History 9808

Today marks the end of my first full week in Western’s Pubic History MA program. While I suspect my transition to Western’s campus has not been as difficult compared to some of my colleagues who hail from across North America, there has been a minor transitional period in trading Huron’s campus for Western’s. Out of... Continue Reading →

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